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Margot-Zeph Gift Wrap Paper


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Format: Double-sided Roll
Material: Stone Paper
This stone paper is liquid/grease/bacteria/tear resistant. No trees, water, bleach or acids are used in manufacturing process = no deforestation, polluted waterways, reduced emissions and instead use limestone, a sustainable non wood-pulp material.

Margot is the first design birthed at FOLKUS. One look at Margot and you feel something cosmic, whimsical, and oddly African/Black neo-classical. By all appearances, the Margot design may look completely uniform, yet upon closer inspection, you can see the imperfections. Margot is destined to be an heirloom concept design, abstractly bridging the old world Africa to the new world of the Americas. This is a design easily at home in Mali and Nigeria as well as places such as Panama or at the inkwell on Martha’s Vineyard.