Revved Up Long Wallet – Snap


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Snap up your cash and cards with this durable wallet made from reclaimed inner tubes.

Secure snap closure
Rugged rubber slots for six cards
Window pocket for ID
Interior fold pockets
Vegan friendly
Supports recycling and clean-up efforts
Your purchase helps support the Alabi Recycling co-op.

Located in Santa Ana less than an hour from the capital, Alabi Recycling works with found scrap materials. Mario Alabi and his crew craft our popular inner-tube belts, wallets, and bags. The inner-tubes are found tossed aside in abundance, the by-product of El Salvador’s common “taxi” trucks that navigate the very rough mountain roads and whose inner-tubes need regular patching — until they can’t be patched. Mario drives around in his motorcycle with sidecar and gathers them up, bringing them back to his workshop: an industrial washing machine and sewing machines. Once working solo, he now employs a small crew to convert the found rubber scrap into functional and durable accessories. This project both helps the environment and provides jobs in the community.