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Small Paramo Pillow-Grey


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The PÁRAMO HOME COLLECTION PILLOWS are all about the details. These monochromatic pillows are made of 100% dye-free wool. The soft texture reveals the thick leaves of the vegetation in the Paramo. In this region of the Andes mountains, the leaves of the plants are cover by thick and velvety surface that protect the vegetation from the cold wind coming down from the glacier summit. Just as the thick and velvety surface protects the plants, our soft handmade pillows will provide your space a sense of peace and comfort.

The soft, nude color with a pop of embroidered greens and yellows gives us all the feels. The high-quality craftsmanship and eye-catching designs are the perfect touches to any home or hotel decor. Both the wool fabric and the embroidery were crafted by two master artisans recognized as “Maestros Artesanos” by Artesanias de Colombia for their superior knowledge and masterfully dedication to their craft.

Dimensions: 13 x 18