Felt Coasters- Pink Drinks Circle

Felt Coasters- Pink Drinks Circle

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This Millennial pink circle felt cup coaster set is made with about half-inch of felt balls. Each felt ball has been hand-stitched to each other. They are heat resistant so they can protect your tabletop from burning from the hot cup. These coasters make wonderful gifts for house warmings and holidays.

This cup coaster set will add a lovely atmosphere to your table.

Size: Approx. Ø4"  /  Ø10 cm
Material: 100% organic lamb wool
Ethically hand made by Nepalese female artisans
Promote equality and empower Nepali women artisans with fair trade.
Origin: Nepal
Material: Wool felt
        1. Remove surface dirt with a soft brush or lint roller.
        2. Spot clean using a cloth or sponge with lukewarm water and mild soap.
        3. Air dry thoroughly, avoiding wringing or twisting.
        4. Reshape while damp if necessary.
        5. Store in a clean, dry place away from sunlight and heat.
        6. Prevent moth damage with airtight storage and repellents like cedar or lavender.

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        About the maker

        Ganapati Crafts Co.

        Ganapati Crafts journey began when Yian, the founder, traveled to various countries and was enamored by the traditional handicrafts she encountered. She dreamed of starting her own craft business one day.

        From its humble beginnings as an importer of handmade items, the brand brand has grown into a design-focused business, offering over 100 unique designs in wool-felt toys and handwoven bags. The founder, Yian, travels to Bali and Nepal every year to collaborate with local artisans on creating new designs.

        Their commitment to quality extends to the materials they use, which are sourced with care - including pure wool from New Zealand and Azo-free dye from Switzerland. Their felt products are hand-felted in Florida and Kathmandu, ensuring authenticity and craftsmanship in every piece.

        At Ganapati Crafts, we are dedicated to supporting people who have big dreams and original ideas. We believe in the power of design and creativity to make a difference in the world. By purchasing from us, you are not only receiving unique, handcrafted products but also supporting artisans and helping to bring their stories and blessings to life.

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