But how do you make it your year?

But how do you make it your year?

The words on the landing page are very bold and saturated in confidence-: "2024 is Your Year." Like I'm a fortune teller. I wrote it with all of us in mind, the shoppers, the gifters and me. But honestly, I was mostly thinking about me.

I was faced with a couple of unexpected diagnoses last year and really considered how serious some of them could be. If I died before 50, would I have any regrets?

The answer was immediate and definite. YES! I regretted not having written seriously enough to be considered for publication and I regretted that my relationship with God was barely existent. Who wants to have regrets? So now I have to do something with them. What can I do? 1. Write on a regular basis. 2.Start at least Zooming church services.

I can actually do those things. Maybe by the end of the year I'll have an organized writing project in the works. Maybe by the end of the year I'll have gone to church in person a few times and possibly took a class or two.

I don't believe you need to get an actually shitty diagnosis to wonder what it would feel like to be forced to size up your life. So what would your regrets be? Is there anything you can do about it? Start slow, start little but start doing it. Before you know it you've got 2024 by its tail and are starting down 2025. Work it like you're going to be named Time's 2024 Person of the Year.

I believe in you. Keep me updated. hayden@demitasseny.com

xo Hayden


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But how do you make it your year?