A grey hoodie with a rainbow, shovel and the words "Rock Steady Farm" on it

Rock Steady

Since I l put out the last newsletter, we've been to market- shopping for the shop! We always try to buy from brands whose social and eco values align with ours. I was surprised when the first vendor ever asked us in return, "and what does your store do to make a difference?" I thought you might wonder as well. 

demitasse. gives monthly to 2 not for profit organizations. The first is an organization whose purpose seems emergent to me. Grassroots Law Project describe its mission as "stopping prisons and police from wrongfully injuring, imprisoning, and executing people."  Learn more at  https://grassrootslaw.org/  

The second organization is a local farm here in the Hudson Valley that describes itself as "a queer owned and operated cooperative vegetable farm rooted in social justice, food access and farmer training." These guys are our neighbors and we think they really do rock. Learn more at https://www.rocksteadyfarm.com/

Soon I'll let you in on all the new items and brands we discovered at market. In the meantime, buy some merch from these amazing organizartions. Be well and gift well. - Hayden


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