Ladera - Natural Coffee w/ Blue Mirror Lenses
Ladera - Natural Coffee w/ Blue Mirror Lenses

Ladera - Natural Coffee w/ Blue Mirror Lenses

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Be eco friendly and look cool while doing it. These sunglass frames are made from coffee grounds and recycled plastic! But there's nothing secondhand about the lenses- they are German, polarized and UV protectant. Need prescription lenses- take them to your optometrist. These sunglasses by Parafina are also super light weight, water resistant and helmet friendly. Pretty cool, huh?


-Contemporary design for everyday use.

-Made from coffee grounds and recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic from water bottles or other beverages.

-Polarised lenses. They provide greater visual comfort, avoiding reflections caused by the sun on different surfaces such as the road or snow. Made of 1mm thick polycarbonate.

-UV400 protection. They block between 99% and 100% of ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB).

-Filter category 3 certified. Block 82% to 92% of light.

-Frame suitable for optical prescription.

-Hinge with 2 high thickness bars for maximum resistance.

-Includes: recycled microfibre cover and pencil containing seeds for planting.

-Water resistant. Ultra light.


Compared to the industry standard, these glasses have avoided the CO2 equivalent of 1.6 months of carbon absorption of a tree
Compared to the industry standard, these glasses have saved the equivalent of 0.7 days of a person's total water intake


Recycled microfibre case and pencil containing seeds for planting (b/c they donate 5% of our income t#ParafinaSocialProject. This project gives access to school to primary school kids from a small neighborhood of Asunción, Paraguay.)


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About the maker


Parafina is here to make an impact, to leave a positive footprint in our environment and in our society. They produce eyewear with 100% recycled materials. Their impact so far: 3,541,206 PET PLASTIC BOTTLES, 187,506 HDPE PLASTIC BOTTLES, 244,000 CORK STOPPERS, 5,046 TIRES and 27,270 SODA CANS.

Parafina also created Parafina Social Project, to which they donate 5% of their profits annually, granting scholarships to children without resources in the city of Asunción, Paraguay.

Pictured: Heidy, a Paraguayan 3rd grader whose family was displaced by a flood. Her favorite game is hide and seek.

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