Cloud Gazer Candle
Cloud Gazer Candle
Cloud Gazer Candle
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Cloud Gazer began with Ingrid's love of daydreaming, Earl Grey tea and watching British period dramas with her mother. With notes of bergamot, lavender and steamed vanilla, this creamy, comforting fragrance will transport you to a cozy, countryside cottage on a wet spring day with a warm cup of tea in your hands. Made for the dreamers, this candle is full of that head-in-the-clouds spirit and the promise of sunnier days ahead.

SCENT NOTES: Herbal + Creamy + Relaxed

Top: Fresh Bergamot, Lavender Sprigs, Creamy Chamomile
Middle: Earl Grey Tea, Dried Cornflowers, Misted Freesia
Base: Steamed Vanilla, Warm Tonka, Cedarwood


• Net Weight: 7oz. / 200g
• Burn time: up to 50 hours (7oz)
• American made soy wax blend + cotton wicks
• Custom fragrance oils made with synthetic + natural materials
• Stainless steel container made from 25% post-consumer content
• Vegan + cruelty-free 
• Made in United States
• Product Language: English and French

• Weight: 9 oz (255.15 g)

Packaging: Recyclable and Recycled
Product Materials: Recycled, Upcycled, and Vegan

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About the maker

The New Savant

THE NEW SAVANT was born in December 2020 - literally with a crock pot and a dream. Their first collection of 500 candles sold out in seven minutes, and since then they’ve made and sold thousands of candles - thanks to a fiercely loyal community of Savants.

Their differentiator is simple: they are creating entirely new scent experiences for the next generation. They're taking people to emotional destinations through stories – like Androgyne which began with a love of Paris. It's an exploration of sensuality and the space beyond binaries. Neither masculine nor feminine, this is a scent that seems to shift ever so slightly with time. If "je ne sais quoi" could be embodied in a fragrance, this would be it.

THE NEW SAVANT scents use high quality ingredients and small-batch artisan techniques. They work with one of the top fragrance houses in the world to bring their imaginative scents to life. This means all of their candles use custom-made, premium fragrance oils you won’t find anywhere else. Vegan, too.

THE NEW SAVANT, which is based in Brooklyn, is headed by co-founders Erica and Ingrid. The company is proudly LGBTQ, AAPI and women-owned.

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