Hellbound Heart Candle
Hellbound Heart Candle
Hellbound Heart Candle
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Hellbound Heart was inspired by female anger, something that's often discouraged and scrutinized. But as any woman (or human being) knows, anger is a necessary step of the healing process.

Ingrid drew from her own experiences, remembering the times she felt like a scorned woman, filled with rage, maybe even a little heartbroken, wanting revenge and often having to use her creativity as a release. This scent is wickedly dark and full of vengeance, but it's also about finding release. Ingrid created this candle as a symbol and vessel for anger – when the flame goes out, an emotional cleanse has taken place.

If Hellbound Heart had to be summed up in one sentence it would be this: Being bad never smelled so damn good.


Top: Roasted Blood Orange, Bottled Tears, Rosemary Sprigs
Middle: Torched Paper, Violet Petals, Patchouli Roots
Base: Charred Wood, Warm Amber, Guaiac wood


• Net Weight: 7oz. / 200g
• Burn time: up to 50 hours (7oz)
• American made soy wax blend + cotton wicks
• Custom fragrance oils made with synthetic + natural materials
• Stainless steel container made from 25% post-consumer content
• Vegan + cruelty-free 
• Made in United States
• Product Language: English and French

• Weight: 9 oz (255.15 g)

Packaging: Recyclable and Recycled
Product Materials: Recycled, Upcycled, and Vegan

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About the maker

The New Savant

THE NEW SAVANT was born in December 2020 - literally with a crock pot and a dream. Their first collection of 500 candles sold out in seven minutes, and since then they’ve made and sold thousands of candles - thanks to a fiercely loyal community of Savants.

Their differentiator is simple: they are creating entirely new scent experiences for the next generation. They're taking people to emotional destinations through stories – like Androgyne which began with a love of Paris. It's an exploration of sensuality and the space beyond binaries. Neither masculine nor feminine, this is a scent that seems to shift ever so slightly with time. If "je ne sais quoi" could be embodied in a fragrance, this would be it.

THE NEW SAVANT scents use high quality ingredients and small-batch artisan techniques. They work with one of the top fragrance houses in the world to bring their imaginative scents to life. This means all of their candles use custom-made, premium fragrance oils you won’t find anywhere else. Vegan, too.

THE NEW SAVANT, which is based in Brooklyn, is headed by co-founders Erica and Ingrid. The company is proudly LGBTQ, AAPI and women-owned.

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